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"The first rule of successful dog training, is to be smarter than the dog which is why some breeds are easier to train than others!!

 Author Unknown

"Curiosity is a sign of intelligence"

           Clarence Pfaffenberger

In-Home One on One Training:

Private Training  sessions are a more personal, convenient and effective way to get much faster results in my opinion. Great for new puppy prep, Housebreaking issues, arrival of the new baby, behavior modification, family training, reactive dog challenges, or multi dog household management. Basic obedience and certainly better house manners included, all in the privacy of your own home. 

In Home Training Rates:

90 Minute session     $100

4 Session Package     $375

6 Session Package     $550

Group Environment Classes:

As my dear friend and fellow dog trainer Ed Wilson once said, "Everyone has an obedience champion in their living room!" Group classes are a safe and highly managed way to work under distraction of strange dogs and strange people. Classes are indoors in A/C on Wednesday & Thursday evenings & Saturdays mornings located at The Fur Seasons Resort for Pets. Classes are progressive 6 week classes with a maximum of 10 dogs per class.

Cost for all 6 classes are $150 and fill up quickly so please give a call for the upcoming class schedule.

We offer:

  • AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy with Socialization
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen
  • Basic Obedience and Manners
  • Advanced Obedience & Proofing
  • AKC Rally-O

Stuart Pet Pals is a Licensed & Insured FL. Corporation

Our Dog Training Philosophy:

I have worked with thousands of dogs & owners over the past 15 years. I practice a wide variety of training techniques, and would classify myself as a middle of the road trainer. It is my job to help you set your dog up for success.

​The secret of successful dog training lies within the next two words......BE CONSISTENT!

Always be consistent with your commands, your expectations, and your follow through. 

No Training in the world will be successful if we are not meeting our dogs needs! Of course we provide food, water and shelter for our dogs, but that is not enough! My training philosophy is based on looking at the bigger picture. Is your dog easy to live with? Is he fun to take with you when you leave the house? Isn't this what we all want? 

We look at house manners, car manners, out in public manners, obedience classes, in-home training programs, exercise programs, mental stimulation & socialization. We find activities that both you and your dog enjoy; tracking, herding, confirmation, scent games, lure coursing, or swimming just to name a few. If you have a highly social dog who loves people, perhaps consider becoming a pet therapy team? Dogs are pack animals....they need us as well as other dog friends.

These activities create a stronger bond and better communication with our dogs. And to me, this is what "Dog Training" is all about! It's about getting out and having FUN WITH YOUR DOG!

Stuart Pet Pals Celebrates 10 years serving Martin County!


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