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I bought a Scuba Diving business in the Florida Keys and with dogs in tow, became a Scuba Diving Instructor.... NOT an easy task! What does this have to do with DOG TRAINING? LOTS! You are training and working underwater in a non-verbal environment! Observing and communicating through behaviors, not speech. This made me focus more on body language and behavior rather than conversation. As a Scuba Instructor, I faced some of my greatest teaching challenges as people learned how to multitask underwater with scuba equipment while facing and overcoming these new and challenging experiences. I believe this made me a much better instructor. One of my greatest and most honored training experiences was running support for NASA - NEEMO project: NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations. These missions sends groups of astronauts, engineers, and scientist to the worlds only undersea research station off the coast of Florida which provides similar training surroundings to space exploration.

After years of mentoring with other dog trainers and volunteering at shelters, in 2006, I attended D.O.I.T- Dog Obedience Instructor Training school with Canine Specialty Training, LLC. earning my first of several canine handling and training certifications. Over the past 10 years I have focused on pet dog training as well as Service Dog Training specializing in Medical Alert & Response Dogs. I am now the senior instructor for the same school I attended for so many years as a student which is pretty cool! I founded Stuart Pet Pals, LLC in 2007 and began my dog training services here on The Treasure Coast. I have enjoyed serving dog owners as well as consulting local vets and doggie daycare/boarding facilities here in Martin county now for 10 years now!

Most of my private training sessions are conducted in home, or out in community parks in Palm City, Jensen Beach, Sewall's Point, and downtown Stuart. For this reason Stuart Pet Pals does not have a physical building on The Treasure Coast. Instead, I rent a large indoor room at The Fur Seasons Resort for Pets several times a week to conduct our group classes.

The Scoop -ABOUT US

"Shark diving in the Bahamas taught me to stay calm and neutral while sometimes amongst adversity. In comparison, working with dogs seems much easier and relaxing!"

We are committed to Improving & Enriching the 

Life of You and Your Dog!

It is our goal to help you have a more balanced, harmonious home through education and training. We love our dogs, they are family. But since they don't speak English, there is more times than not, a disconnect in communication. It is our goal to build stronger bonds and better communication between you and you dog!

"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others as faithful stewards

of God's grace in its various forms.​"

1 Peter 4:10


​​"My dogs; both clients & my own ARE my whole life AND they make my life Whole! " 

​​Stuart Pet Pals Proudly Celebrates Serving Martin County For 10 Years!

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​​I have owned my own training businesses and worked in customer service for over 25 years. After receiving a Mass Communications degree in college, I enjoyed 15 years in the Ad Agency business working for national clients. I traveled coast to coast with my two Rotties literally from South Florida to the Pacific Northwest.  I learned a lot about Canine Leadership and training back then through trial and error as this was before the internet!! I have always been intrigued by dog behavior, the canine-human bond, and the honest simplicity of canine communication. Dogs clearly tell us what they want or how they "Feel" through body language, unlike humans who mostly depend on verbal communication. Dogs don't speak English, and we conversely.....well, we talk too much! Over the next few years, my training experiences would teach me how to effectively communicate without saying a single word- underwater!