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Dogs were originally bred for certain jobs with a certain set of natural abilities with multiple skill sets. Simply put; Labradors love to swim and retrieve, Terriers are tenacious hunters who go to ground for their prey, Bloodhounds and Beagles are the quintessential trackers and trailers, Greyhounds and other sight hounds were built for speed. Herding dogs like the Border Collie, Australian Shepherd and Australian Cattle Dog  were bred with the natural ability to move and control livestock with pure instinct.

Instinct: Definition

The natural reaction or behavior of people and animals without having to think. An inborn pattern of activity. a natural or innate impulse. An inclination or tendency, it happens naturally, it is not learned

Sheep Herding

The AKC Herding Group includes 30 breeds:  Border Collies, Beaucerons, Briards, Shelties, Cattle Dogs, Collies, Old English Sheepdogs, Australian Shepherds, Rottweilers, Corgies and  Tervurens, just to name a few. They  have basic instinct and ability to move and control livestock such as sheep, cattle and ducks by Fetching, Driving, and Tending. Herding is becoming a very popular activity nationwide and the AKC is just one association that recognizes and hosts hundreds of competitive trials around the country. 

Draxen Farms is an all herding breed training facility: located in Fort Pierce where I train, assist and  work very closely with. Mike Horgan is the founder of DF, and not only a dear friend but one of my entrusted trainers. For info, please visit his website at www.draxenfarms.com or  FaceBook page . Mike and I work with Cesar Millan and his team of trainers 2 times each year instinct testing his students at his South Florida Behavioral Workshops. Mike and Cesar also use sheep herding to help build confidence in dogs, as well as for rehabilitating behavioral issues.

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