Here are just a few of what my recent customers have said about their training experience with Stuart Pet Pals.

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Catie Q.   10/26/2016

I fully credit Laurie with giving me the tools to rehabilitate my 18-month-old Catahoula. Every time I presented her with a frustration, she was able to tailor an effective solution to his unique issues, leaving me with a dog that I'm no longer scared to take in public. It was quite simply the best money I've ever spent on pet care

Candace H.   10/03/2016

Laurie Volpe, the owner of Stuart Pet Pals, is the finest of all credentialed dog trainers that i have known. Her level of expertise in interpreting a dog's actions, posture, barking and all facets of my pet's reactions has been the basis of my training. Yes, my training! Laurie is able to attain such great success since she sees me and my pet as a single entity and teaches me to react to my dog's nature rather than forcing my pet to react to me. This level of leadership in training and understanding takes all of us and our pets to the highest level of a very happy and rewarding life together.

J.J.  10/03/2016 

Laurie is a brilliant trainer who has taught my family how to raise a happy, well-adjusted dog. She came to the rescue when we were desperately trying to undo mistakes we’d made in the first few weeks with our new pup, Belle. While we started with a lovable, smart, eager puppy, our lack of knowledge brought out hard-to-tolerate behavior: loud, unruly, obnoxiousness. After one session with Stuart Pet Pals, everything changed. Over the past several months, we have attended Laurie’s classes (great lessons and great socialization opportunities) and had individual sessions at home. As Belle approaches her first birthday, I reflect on how she has became an exemplary dog … thanks to Laurie!

M M.  09/30/2016 

I have nothing but excellent things to say about Laurie and her professional style of training. My dog and I have taken several classes, as well as personal training. My uncontrollable puppy has become a wonderful mature dog I would be happy to take any where.

A I.   06/23/2016 

BIG THANK YOU to Laurie the owner of Stuart Pet Pals :) We love our adopted pups from Nala's New Life Rescue. They are our kids :) Since we adopted Peanut in November she needed basic training such as not pulling, barking and jumping on people. Words can't express our gratitude to Laurie, the owner. As Peanut walked right by my side this morning - no pulling - I was in awe. It was way easier with Laurie's help and I literally couldn't do it on my own. What a TRANSFORMATION!!!

fridayr   11/01/2013 
Laurie not only worked a miracle with Thor in less than one session, she gave me the skills and knowledge to be successful in my daily training. I really LOVED the degree of dedication she gives each and every session.

Sharon S.  10/31/2013 
Laurie at Stuart PetPals is an amazing trainer! I got her name from my Veterinarian after I brought home a 2 month old Sheltie puppy! I have not had a puppy for over 30 years and literally had no clue how to train one! I didn’t even know how to put his harness on! Laurie came the first week and calmed both of us down!! After four weeks I was totally at ease with my puppy and his needs! 

Just this past month as he turned 5 months old I needed Laurie’s help again and she worked with Beemer and me to get him back on track! He was suddenly acting like a teenager and wouldn’t listen to me on our walks! We worked together four times and I cannot believe the change in him and me!!! She even taught him how to go up and down stairs as I live on the second floor as he only knew how to use the elevator! Now all he wants to do is go up and down constantly!

I expect we will be calling on Laurie again as he gets to his next stage which she warned may happen when he is around 8 or 9 months old! I know whatever training we both need Laurie will be there with us 100% 

Denise K.  10/21/2013 
I am so glad that I was referred to Laurie! She was and continues to be a life saver! Her classes are very informative and helpful. You don't just leave the class and are left on your own for the week. You go home with notes on what you learned and homework to practice everyday. Laurie has also come out to our home several times to help address specific training needs for our dog and our family, involving everyone so we are all training on the same page. She has also willingly answered questions over the phone. We board our dog with her too! My dog loves going to her house and we love picking her up even more behaved than when we dropped her off. Money well spent and I am always completely confident she will receive the best of care. I HIGHLY recommend Laurie/ Stuart Pet Pals to everyone who is in need of a wonderful dog trainer!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!

caseyszparaga 10/19/2013 
Laurie is an awesome trainer and a great person. She really cares about dogs. I have a really large rottie that can be challenging, but in just a short time, Laurie had him under control and ready to learn. She was even able to involve my 11 year old son in the training.  Thanks Laurie!

Sc B.  10/18/2013 
There's no one who's a better overall Trainer of both dogs and people!!! A lot of Trainers are good at teaching the dog, but Laurie understands that just training the dog doesn't make it happen or last!! She is also the most generous person I know, as she has invited me as an unpaid guest to her classes to work with my CCI Puppy I'm training for Service work and will give up at 18 months old. As a Puppy Raiser, Laurie is just the BEST!! Thank you for all you do!!

allisonpc   10/17/2013 
Laurie is a terrific trainer. I have taken quite a few group classes and the results have been wonderful. Her classes are fun, with lots of positive reinforcement and I really see the results. Laurie is great with one on one appointments to address a dog's special needs. Thanks to Laurie, our pup is now a AKC Canine Good Citizen! I highly recommend Laurie and will continue to work with her with our dog.

Marcia D.  01/20/2013 
In one session, I learned how to start being in control of my newly rescued 5 pound Chihuahua. Just like parenting, having a pet is not instinctive. Lori provides the best of the best to teach you how to be a good pet owner. I can't wait to learn more!

chrisnbella  11/05/2010 
Best Dog Trainer Imaginable
I can not begin to say thank you enough to Laurie and her uncanny ability to teach my dog the proper way to conduct herself. My teacup Yorkie Bella had territorial, fearful, dominant issues and didn't respect any adult's leadership. Thanks to Laurie, Bella is now sociable, not fearful and less anxious about seeing someone in her surrounding. Without Laurie I don't think I would have been able to keep Bella. Laurie is kind and very passionate and very, very knowledgable about her profession. She always managed to maintain patience and optimism when I may not have. Her constant contact, weekly progress reports, homework assignments and great communication with me made sure that each week's lesson was reinforced so that we may all take 2 steps fowards instead of 3 steps back. 5 weeks later Bella has changed by leaps and bounds and I never thought I would see the day someone could ring my doorbell without Bella ready to charge the door and bite an ankle. By Laurie making careful observations she was able to tailor a teaching plan that suited each person in my household extremely well. She taught me in one fashion and she also taught my son and my husband each of their own ways to maintain leadership with the dog. I will ALWAYS be grateful to Laurie. She has changed our family greatly and I will always appreciate her hard work that she put into our weekly lessons. Laurie you are A+++++++

kimura  06/07/2010 
I Love Laurie's Pack!
I am a 2-year-old German Shepherd who just loves playing with Laurie's dogs, expecially Ozzie, her Yellow Lab! I recently moved to a new house and my owner boarded me at Stuart Pet Pals on moving day. Not only did I return home, tired and happy, but Laurie showed my owner photos of me playing with a Springer Spaniel, a 5-month old Cairn Terrier and of course, Ozzie! Laurie always provides great training tips and because of her advice, I am now a well-socialized and well-mannered dog (most of the time)!!!

jdb1665  05/14/2010 
Awesome Trainer!
A friend recommended Laurie to us and thank goodness. Our 8 month old coon hound/sheepdog was chewing up everything we owned and being too rough with our 6 year old. We signed up for a 4 week training session but just after 2 sessions we saw a tremendous difference in our dog's actions and behaviors. Laurie worked a miracle! Over Christmas Laurie boarded him for 2 weeks and her and her own dogs furthered his training and now he's such a joy to live with. Thanks, Laurie, for being so loving and wonderful with our puppy! Jeanette

skinnev  05/14/2010  
Amazing Pet Trainer...Amazing Person
We called Laurie at the suggestion of a lady who works at our vets and have been so thankful for her. Max, our Rottie, loves her as much as she loves him. In minutes of meeting her, she taught us simple methods to address his door manners and overall behavior. She is amazing! She is passionate, professional and personable. She has become a friend of the family and our "little boy's" (all 110 lbs) second "mom".

deanwc  05/11/2010
We added a French Bulldog to the household and SPP made it a happy experience. We wish we had found her earlier to get our chihuahua started off right. A fun and worthwhile experience. Very practical advice for every pet issue.

bcostello  05/10/2010 
Training The Trainer
While waiting for our 1st French Bulldog to arrive, we found Laurie through "The Bark Park" and decided to have her give us a training before we even recieved our puppy. Laurie tought us how to bring the dog in, how to take the dog out to potty and much more. Then agin when our sencond frenchie came, Laurie came over once again and showed us how to bring a second dog in without upsetting the first one. Laurie really knows how to tackle any problem you might have with your pets and I highly recommend her. Since meeting Laurie both my dogs have completed obidence classes as well as other classes she teaches. I have recommended her to many of my clients where I work and they also love her.

cctunlimited  05/10/2010 
Hands-on How-to Training with Positive Reinforcement
Stuart Pet Pals owner Laurie Volpe is an inspiring role model in how to relate to canine companions with love and leadership. Her training courses give specific hands on instruction in how to motivate dogs to follow us out of love and respect. 

Laurie demonstrates everything she teaches with her own incredibly well-behaved pack. During lessons, she guides every detail, from the command to the reward (NOT always food), and to the kind correction when required. 

Laurie helped me train my yellow lab pup, and thanks to her caring and assertive approach, we got through a the "terrible twos" and "testy teen" stages to end up with a wonderful companion animal. 

Look no further--Laurie is the best you will find on the Treasure Coast.Here are just a few of what my recent customers have said about their training experience with Stuart Pet Pals.

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